3 Creative Ways to Use Premade Waffle Dough in Boise

Premade-Waffle-Dough-BoiseFinding new ways to feed your family is always a challenge. However, you might be surprised at all the ways that you can use waffle dough to create new treats. Knowing three creative ways to use premade waffle dough will help you surprise and delight your kids. 


Perhaps the best way to use waffle dough in a creative way is to make mini pizzas. You can use the dough as the base and enjoy a slightly different type of pizza crust. This keeps things interesting and opens up your creative side for something completely different. 

Ice Cream Sandwiches 

When it comes time for dessert, ice cream sandwiches are a trusted favorite. You can use waffle dough for the cookie portion and get a sweet, fluffy texture that is unique and amazing. With the flavor of a waffle cone, this is a great way to enjoy ice cream all year round. 


By rolling the premade waffle dough out thin, you can create taco shells that can be stuffed with whatever you like. Not only will this give you a whole new flavor profile but it also adds the fun of taco night to the equation. This is a wonderful opportunity to encourage some family togetherness and enjoy a unique dining experience. 

Need Premade Waffle Dough in Boise? 

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Delicious Premade Waffle Dough in Boise

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